2018 Board of Directors

President, Executive and Nominating Committee

Toby Marsh, FACHE
Chief Nursing & Patient Care Services Officer 
e-mail: president@ache-cahl.org
President - Elect, Executive and Nominating Committee

Andrew Pete
Service Line Dir 
e-mail: presidentelect@ache-cahl.org
Immediate Past-President, Executive and Nominating Committee

Laura Hill Temmerman, FACHE
Chief Experience Officer 
Secretary, Executive and Nominating Committee

Melanie Toutai
Area Dir of Business Development 
ACHE Regent, Senior Executive Advisory Committee, Executive and Nominating Committee

Erick Berry, FACHE
Support Services Administrator 
Treasurer, Finance Chair, Executive and Nominating Committee

Ehren Hawkins
Business & Operations Mgr 
e-mail: treasurer@ache-cahl.org
Chair - Audit Committee

Nicholas Cline
Senior Audit Professional 
Chair, Clinical Liason

Joleen Lonigan
Executive Director 
Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Bonnie Panlasigui, FACHE

e-mail: diversity@ache-cahl.org
Chair - Member Advancement

Michael Brokloff, FACHE
Service & Performance Mgmt 
e-mail: advancement@ache-cahl.org
Chair, Volunteer Recognition & Member Outreach

Baljeet Sangha, FACHE
Vice President, Support Services 
Chair, Sac LPC & LPC Chapter Programming

Ryan Peck
Manager of EMR Knowledge Management 
e-mail: saclpc@ache-cahl.org
Co-chair - Bay Area LPC

David Akinsanya
Network Administrator 
Co-Chair - Career Development and Transition

Darrielle Ehrheart
Physician Practice Mgr 
Co-chair - Awards and Volunteer Recognition

Kimberly Bleichner-Jones
Co-chair - Communications

Eric Johnson
Chief Financial Officer 
e-mail: communications@ache-cahl.org
Co-chair - Communications, & Chair - Military Outreach

Ruth Cieri, FACHE
Healthcare Administrator 
e-mail: militaryoutreach@ache-cahl.org
Co-chair - Higher Education Network (HEN)

Christos Arvanitis
Compliance Officer 
e-mail: hen@ache-cahl.org
Co-chair - Higher Education Network (HEN)

Jason Lee
Senior Manager 
Co-chair - Higher Education Network (HEN)

Rachel Wynn
Project Dir 
Co-Chair - SAC LPC

Eric Meyer
Performance Excellence 
Co-Chair, Southern Central Valley LPC

Patrick Ramirez
Vice President - Professional Support Services 
Co-chair - Sponsorship Committee

Kim Brown Sims
Vice President Patient Care Services/CNO 
e-mail: sponsorship@ache-cahl.org
Co-chair - Sponsorship Committee

Jessica Gruendler

Data Champion

Mohit Gulati

e-mail: datachampion@ache-cahl.org
Student Representative, Member - Higher Education Network, & Student Council Chairman

Ian Carson
CAHL Administrative Staff

Tamara Dilbeck
Administrative Assistant 
e-mail: achecahl@gmail.com