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Welcome to ACHE Advancement! CAHL is happy to provide a consolidated informational resource for providing members all that they need to plan their path to FACHE status. Earning the credential of Fellow in the College is an important milestone in the career of a Healthcare Leader. The advancement process itself reinforces your professional knowledge and provides a formal methodology for helping you take your career to the next level. The Fellow credential is not only a mark of prestige, but also an indicator that you are willing to work hard, hold yourself to high ethical standards, and that you've made a conscious choice to be a leader in our industry. CAHL is happy to provide a consolidated informational resource for providing members all that they need to plan their path to FACHE. The CAHL Chair for Affiliate Advancement will be able to walk you through the steps of advancement, help arrange study groups and coordinate study materials on loan from the association and answer general questions. Contact Michael Brokloff (


Member Support for Advancement Overview

Maximize your professional potential by earning the premier credential in healthcare management. When you become board certified in healthcare management as an ACHE Fellow (FACHE), you'll have the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed. 

This tab on the CAHL website provides chapter members with valuable information designed to assist in the understanding and preparedness for the advancement process. These topics include:
  • 2014 Credentialing Requirements
  • Overview of the Board of Governors Exam
  • Web Links and Important Downloads
  • Webinar, Tutorial and Course Review Information
  • Study and other supportive references

Credentialing Requirements

For The Board of Governor’s Examination To Obtain the FACHE Credential
Master’s or Other Advanced Degree Pass the Board of Governor’s Exam in Healthcare Management
A Healthcare Management Position and 2 years of healthcare management experience (if applying without a post-baccalaureate degree, must have 8 years of experience) Have 5 years of healthcare management experience (if applying without a post-baccalaureate degree, must have 8 years of experience)
3 References from Fellows, including 1 structured interview Have 3 years’ tenure as an ACHE member
Completed Application, including $250 fee (application valid for 3 years) Complete 36 hours of continuing education credit in the prior 3 years, 12 hours of which must be Category I (ACHE education) credit
  Participate in healthcare and community/civic activities

Overview of the Board of Governor's Exam

The Board of Governor's Exam represents a comprehensive review and assessment of 10 key areas of knowledge:
  • Governance and Organizational Structure - This area deals with the development and analysis of the organizational structure and with delineating responsibility, authority, and accountability at all levels of the organization. Functions include the development and implementation of policies and procedures for the governance process.
  • Human Resources - This area deals with assessing the need for and the supply of professional and other personnel. Functions include recruitment, selection, training, compensation, and evaluation of such personnel and examining ways to evaluate productivity and monitor accountability for results.
  • Finance - This area deals with the planning, development, establishment, analysis, and assessment of financial management processes for an organization's capital, budget, accounting, and related reporting systems.
  • Healthcare Technology and Information Management - This covers both management information and clinical information systems, including computer-based support for management, assessing how current technologies and major innovations are changing the way healthcare executives manage, using information systems for short- and long-range planning, using clinical information systems, and information systems acquisitions.
  • Quality and Performance Improvement - This area deals with the development, implementation, and evaluation of organizational accountability including TQM/CQI programs, quality assessment and assurance philosophies, policies, programs, and procedures.
  • Laws and Regulations - This area deals with identifying and interpreting the impact of government regulations and law on the organization; identifying the need for and working with others to develop new regulations and laws; investigating, monitoring, documenting, and enforcing existing statutes; and maintaining communication and cooperation with both public and private organizations.
  • Professionalism and Ethics - Professionalism deals with the development, monitoring, and maintenance of procedures to ensure that the needs of professional staff are met. Ethics includes identifying, monitoring, and disseminating codes of professional conduct; understanding the implications of ethical decisions, providing procedures to monitor standards of behavior within the organization; and determining, maintaining, and monitoring accountability procedures.
  • Healthcare - This area includes a broad range of organizations and professions involved in the delivery of healthcare. Included are managed care models, healthcare trends, and ancillary services provided.
  • Management - This area covers general management principles, planning, organizing, directing, and controlling in addressing overall organizational objectives.
  • Business - Knowledge that pertains to specific areas/concepts of the organization (e.g., marketing, business planning, strategic planning).

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Web Links and Important Downloads


Webinar, Tutorial and Course Review Information

Fellow Advancement Webinars

Special Bonus for Course Participants: Participants in the review course will receive a waiver for the $200 fee to take the Board of Governors Examination. The waiver must be used within six months of the course date or at the live exam administration during the next Congress on Healthcare Leadership in Chicago. Online Tutorial

The Online Tutorial is a 12-week self-study course that combines traditional materials with online resources. This format allows you to complete each week’s assignments when and where it is convenient for you. You will receive a packet of reading materials that address the knowledge areas covered on the Exam, as well as a syllabus that outlines the course schedule.

ACHE Board of Governor's Exam Study Set

This collection of books was assembled to help you prepare for the ACHE Board of Governors Exam. The books can be used to supplement your study of ACHE's Official Tutorial study guide. The books are available on loan through CAHL Chapter, or available through Health Administration Press ($240)

FACHE Study Group

CAHL has developed a FACHE study group site with the LinkedIn CAHL group. You will find a discussion area where others like you are interested in advancement. You will also find sample questions and answers to help you prepare for the FACHE exam.

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